Guayaquil Features "Aeroarte," the World's First Aerial Art Gallery

In the city of Guayaquil, 9 murals out of a total of 14 have been inaugurated by Mayor Cynthia Viteri as part of a project to pay tribute to the Ecuadorian city and its heroes. When completed, residents will be able to view this gallery of murals while traveling through the air on the system of gondolas that Guayaquil with a neighboring town of Duran.

The project titled “Aeroarte” is described by local authorities as, “the world’s first aerial art gallery, an open-air space circuit for the exhibition of contemporary works of art that are visible from certain routes of the Aerovía Aerosuspended Transportation System of Guayaquil.” To showcase the innovation and modernity of the new transportation system, users now will be able to admire art while moving around on the system of gondolas from which these large murals can be viewed.

Aeroarte promoted as a unique and innovative space, ideal for the appreciate and promotion of contemporary art. The first phase of this project is scheduled to be completed by January 18 with the final installations expected to be completed sometime in February.

The Guayaquil Siglo XXI Foundation is in charge of the project, with a history of over 20 years contributing to the urban development, they seek to promote the well-being of the community. This will mark another success for the foundation who has led programs in the past for the construction of sidewalks, furniture, lighting, ramps, signs, underground wiring, and other vital enhancements for the city.

The Guayaquil Siglo XXI Foundation regularly posts updates about their programs on their Instagram account at @guayaquil_siglo_xxi, including their most recent project, Aeroarte.

The Chilean City of Frutillar Celebrates Its Heritage Through Two New Murals

The Chilean city of Frutillar recently carried out Urban Culture Week in its well-known landmark Teatro del Lago. The event involved various activities related to Hip Hop and Urban culture, including two murals accompanied by a digital session with speakers on the aforementioned themes.

Monday, January 11, marked the start of the mural project known as “Frutillar is Drawn,” consisting of two murals by renowned Chilean artists and muralists. The first installation is being worked on by illustrator and muralist Maida K, who, after consulting with the community, developed the theme of “A Creative City of Music,” paying homage to the history and economic relevance of musical talents developed there. The second mural was undertaken by artist Giova, who, together with residents of Frutillar, created a work focusing on the collective image of the past, present, and future of this city. The murals are expected to serve as a way for the city to solidify its trajectory and vision for the future.

Additionally, talks and workshops on the development of Hip Hop culture in Chile will be carried out along with live performances from famous local bands.

Bucaramanga Showcases Local Talent with Addition of New Murals

The Colombian city of Bucaramanga ushered in a New Year dressed in colors thanks to murals created by visual artists participating in the contest “Bucaramanga Cree en tu Talento 2020” (from the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism) carried out in several parts of the city.

From mid-December, a number of creations by winners in the category of plastic arts adorned the corners of various sectors of the capital of Santander, with the results being quite eye-catching now that most of the artists have completed their works.

One of these artistic installations is known as the “Heroes” project by Ucronía Urbana Collective, an initiative that arose in response to difficulties brought on by the pandemic. The work employs mainly sign language as a vehicle to project a message of optimism. However, it also warns not only of the difficulties generated by Covid-19 but also the historical precariousness that this sector has suffered.

Another piece by Franklin Piaguaje is based on interviews with random members of the neighborhood La Inmaculada (known for its high crime rate). In this way he attempted to depict the difficulties faced by people here and to represent day to day life in this community.

Another winning project titled ‘Intrinsic Connection’, was carried out by Danny Delgado. He describes it as an opportunity to highlight and immortalize the most emblematic places of the city by adding color, especially to the parks and squares of the city where people often congregate.

In addition to the murals, the event was accompanied by theater presentations, music, and dance exhibitions where the best of local talent was reflected.