Looking to the future in uncertain times

The SASA Fund was founded by Jamie Anderson who, in 2018, set off on a personal journey to photograph and document the vibrant street art movement of South America. Over the course of 2 years he has put together a collection of over 20,000 photographic images, drone footage of hundreds of larger murals, and interviews with street artists that are currently ongoing. The vision is to turn these materials into one or several books and to create a number of artistic works based on captured images and footage. Along with partners in various South American countries, we are currently considering creative ways to use donations and proceeds to support young artists trying to achieve higher levels of artistic expression; and, for sponsoring events where artists from many countries can gather together to practice their craft and exchange ideas.

Originally from the US, Jamie is a long time resident of Kyoto Japan where he owns and operates a gallery specializing in Japanese fine art. Fluent in Japanese and with a deep understanding of Japanese aesthetics, art, and culture, he finds a personal creative outlet in blending street art images with classic Japanese forms to bring about unexpected artistic contrast, asymmetrical balance of cultural elements, and new perspectives on art and culture.


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