"Persiste" the First non-Profit Street Art Auction in Chile Successfully Completed

The Chilean street art gallery Lira Arte Público and a group of artists organized a charity auction called “Persiste” with the participation of well-known talents such as INTI, Alejandro “Mono” González, Cekis, Caiozzama, Anis, Mical, Alme and Stfi. The event took place via online streaming and offered several workshop pieces for sale―with a total of 78 works by a variety of 39 emerging and established artists―featuring both local names and artists from abroad.

The auction system used an online catalog that offered participants a chance to preview pieces before buying. Bidding began on Friday the 14th at 8:00 p.m. and finished on Sunday, August the 16th at the same time. All of this took place on the Lira Arte Público website for the event:  persiste.liraartepublico.com. At the completion of the auction on the 16th, a few special events were held including Q&A with artists from the catalog, addressing comments left by the community on the event Instagram account: @persiste_subasta and @liraartepublico

The organizers stressed that the event was non-profit and that neither the gallery nor the artists received a commission on sold pieces. Instead, in a show of solidarity with the community, all proceeds went to support art and culture related areas that had been severely impacted as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Perú and Colombia Celebrate Their Close Ties Through Urban Art Talks

On July 21st, the muralists Yohn Smith Sierra and Roberto Peremese will participate in a lecture titled “Conversations About Urban Art,” where they will discuss how their projects have contributed to the transformation of cities like Lima and Bogotá.

Smith and Peremese plan to talk about the purpose of their urban interventions and how their projects have influenced the transformation and redefinition of the center of cities such as Bogotá and Lima. Other topics to be discussed are the ideal conditions for art interventions in large citiesl; the importance of modern movements such as hip hop, graffiti, and muralism; and how street art has managed to make inroads into traditional cultural sectors.

The interview is part of a series of events related to “The Peru Week in Colombia,” a festivity carried out by the embassy of Peru in Bogota that includes cultural, commercial, and gastronomic events, as well as activities to promote tourism. The festival will run until July 24th and offers an opportunity for Colombians to get to know more about the neighboring nation of Perú.

The celebration is an expression of the long friendship and cultural ties between Peru and Colombia, where the main topic will be about cultural construction in the center of these two countries.