Our mission here at SASAfund

To Document Street Art From Across South America

In late 2017 I started recording our first images in Buenos Aires after spending a few months getting to know the city. Slowly this pastime turned into an obsession and I found myself going out 10-12 hours a day hunting for new murals, street art, and graffiti in every corner of the city.

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To Publish, Exhibit, and Make More Art with the Images we Capture

Apart from putting together the SASAfund page that includes a gallery with over 1,000 images, we have been working on new and interesting ways to bring these images to the public.

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To Help Upcoming Artists Create Paintings at Home and Abroad

With donations and proceeds from our creative projects, our aim is to commission murals and support upcoming talent from across South America.

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So, if you take a look at a map and you will see that South America is absolutely enormous, huuuge some would say. And, while our main focus during our time there was to document street art in as many (mainly urban) locations as possible, we were not going to miss out on the opportunity to do a little adventuring. The video above is a small portion of the total footage that we captured during our long drive and in the future we plan to put together more compilations like this for you to enjoy.