After One Year Hiatus, Marin Ron Returns to Painting Giant Murals

Painted on a 65-meter wall in Bernal, Buenos Aires is the image of a little girl standing on tiptoes, the highest mural in the region. The girl is the center of the image of a monumental mural by Martín Ron, the Argentina artist recognized as one of the best urban artists in the world.

Martín returns to painting large-scale murals after spending some time with his “Independent Contest of Intervened Doors” this past year, an initiative that, for almost two weeks, brought together more than 320 colleagues who dared to creatively intervene in allotted spaces.

Author of more than 300 street paintings, on this occasion he used a mural he completed in March 2020 in the Banfield District of Buenos Aires as a reference for the new mural he created on a building nearby. The time between one and the other was exactly one year and the theme chosen by the artist is “children at play.” The first one of a boy in profile with a balloon on a 50-meter wall, and for the other, a girl stacking small bricks and building a wall on a 65-meter edifice.

The initial preparation of the wall was executed in four weeks, between January and February. Technical mastery and expert brushstroke were needed under the burning sun and frustrating rain, not to mention the constant vertigo due to hanging dozens of meters from the ground while raising and lowering the scaffolding attached to cables.

With completion of the design, the public space has been transformed to portray the idilic playfulness of childhood in magnificent proportions. Working from a stylistic repertoire of hyper-realism, surrealism, popular art, playful fantasy, and 3D; in this case Ron opts to bring a fair measure of literalism to his subjects, to allow the viewer to more easily relate to the composition.

The newly completed duo compose a visual dialogue with the urban landscape, and, if all goes according to plan, will soon welcome a new member as Martín already stated that this would be a trilogy of works with similar themes.