Sofia Acosta is the real name of Ecuadorian street artist “La Suerte” (translated as “The Luck”). Apart from an urban artist, she is also a photographer and illustrator for several independent magazines and publications; and though she completed a degree in Philosophy in university, she opted to follow her passion for street art rather than a career in her chosen field of study. In her youth, she says that she met the urban artists Pin8, Ralex and EmeEse who she began to paint with while “learning the scene” from other artists in Quito.

Her grandmother, who painted in watercolor and oil, was an enormous art influence on Sofia when she was a child and they spent many summer days together painting. Acosta has said that through her art, she attempts to portray women in everyday life, while casting a light on what she describes as the fictional world created around women and their bodies. She is especially concerned by aggressive advertising campaigns where women end up being objects rather than subjects and what effect that has on society. In many ways, her work can be characterized by a certain rebelliousness that opts to paint women in diverse ways, without attempting to fit them into classical stereotypes of female beauty. Instead, she chooses to highlight many other beauty traits that run counter to the consumerist advertising model of female beauty. She considers her work to be highly autobiographical and her role as a woman, mother, artist, and activist are present in each piece she creates.

Her current style seeks to explore different materials, textures, and organic surfaces; sometimes incorporating garbage into a work as an expression of rejection and of reclamation of so much of our throw-away culture. Sofia regularly shares her new content on Instagram if you would like to take a look: