Belén Jaramillo, known as Bln Bike in the street art scene, is a renowned illustrator and muralist from Quito Ecuador, where she graduated as a Graphic Designer from the Metropolitan Institute of Design.

Belén showed great interest in art as a child and today continues to draw inspiration from several early sketchbooks that contain her first creations. Now she has more than 40 sketchbooks and continues updating her drawings in a quest to find the exact result she is after. A careful planner, while in the early phases of preparing to create a new work she does a careful audit of the space she plans to work in, taking pictures so she doesn’t forget any details, taking measurements of almost every inch of the wall and investigating every detail that seems like it may be relevant. Without a doubt, the term that best describes Belén’s art is “well-planned” and it is this careful and regimented process that seems to allow her to express her experiences, her relationships with other people, and her relationship with nature.

In addition to muralism, she does illustrations for publishers, video game companies, magazines, and advertising agencies. This has lead her to travel abroad to several countries where she has participated in festivals involving different urban spaces. At the time of writing this article, you can find her art in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, UAE, and Brazil, though we are sure there are now more countries to add to this list.

Belén’s most recent works can be seen on her Instagram account: