The project to add a new ground mural at the North entrance to the Santiago Metropolitan Park was managed by creative studio Lira Arte Público, specialists in mural interventions in public spaces and led by curator and urban designer Esteban Barrera. The project was carried out in conjunction with the Santiago Metropolitan Park team who designed and added signs for physical distancing and contributed to the design of the mural itself that covers over 1.000 square meters and was created by Chilean artist, Cekis.

One of the founders and major contributors to the Chilean urban art scene in the nineties, Cekis continues to be a well-known and influential artist among his peers despite having left Chile to live in New York over 10 years ago. Returning now to work on this ambitious project, the influence of his time abroad in a major metropolitan city is apparent in his painting style.

The mural is inspired by the local flora and fauna of the Santiago Metropolitan Park and the placement and design is intended to draw in new visitors to enjoy the over 737 hectares the park has to offer. Soon, along with this latest piece, there will be another artistic intervention by the prominent Chilean muralist Anis, who, working together with the Metropolitan Park team and the creative studio Lira Arte Público, will be in charge of creating a similar mural for the Pío Nono access to the park.