Rundontwalk is an urban art collective born in the city of Buenos Aires in 2001. At the time it was one of the first artistic collectives to paint amid the economic crisis. At the center of Rundontwalk were Tester Mariano (commonly known as just Tester) and Fede Minuchín (also, just known as Minucha), although as of now, only Fede remains as a representative of the group. The 2001 crisis was fertile ground for stencil users in Buenos Aires since many Argentinian artists opted to leave the country in search of better opportunities, however, they eventually returned bringing new experiences related to street art and stencil techniques, driving the start of many graffiti groups.

As a collective, Rundontwalk slowly expanded their experimentation with stencil techniques while continuing to paint small and large works. The members who currently belong to the group are some of the most prominent and active exponents of this technique in the urban art space. Since their beginnings, they have traveled the world painting, teaching, participating in group shows, festivals, workshops, and collaborating on projects with other artists.

Their work tends to be a mix of surrealism with punk and raw style, their messages are many but a touch of satire can be seen guiding their work. Additionally, they have many murals with animals as the protagonists, drawn with stencils accompanied by colorful and psychedelic backgrounds and shapes.

Both Fede and Tester have Instagram accounts where they post the projects they are working on, and you can follow them here: and