Sebastián Oyarbide is a native of the Argentinian city of Tandil, and ten years ago he ventured into the world of street art. Known under the pseudonym “Seba Cener,” he has painted murals not only in various provinces of Argentina, but also in other countries such as the United States, Brazil, Perú, and Chile.

Sebastián started his career, like many of the most recognized street artists, by writing without permission on walls, blinds, or even on neighboring balconies. Those acts got him into trouble many times, with the property owners making him clean his work afterward. He eventually realized that the graffiti he made could be covered with something cooler and more aesthetically pleasing, so he started to lean more towards professional styles. Seba kept practicing for years in a self-taught manner, and now, focuses more on painting murals rather than works on a small scale. He has become so adept at muralism that he has been quoted as saying it takes him 10 times longer to complete a painting on an A4 sheet than to create a large mural.

His style can be characterized mainly by a connection to naturalism, often having detailed human faces as the protagonists of his paintings, although other parts of the body are also employed with the same detailed style. Additionally, he is known to include themes such as feminism, homosexuality, adoption, and disability in his paintings.

Saba Cener regularly updates the status of his works through Instagram @sebacener, as well as on his official website