Mon Laferte is in Chile to hold her first outdoor art exhibition with a number of new murals created for the occasion. The exhibition, called “Procesión: Pinturas de Mon Laferte,” will be held in conjunction with the Bahía Utópica art gallery from February 15th to March 12th.

In recent days, Mon Laferte revealed that she painted one of the murals in Cerro Alegre de Valparaíso and documented the process on her Instagram account.

Her first painting is entitled “Día Uno” and shows a naked woman accompanied by figures in red and yellow tones with a blue background. The work, according to the artist, portrays the female menstrual cycle incorporating intimate and devotional elements in the melancholic gaze of the characters. The painting has caused great annoyance in the Ministery of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Valparaíso, who described the painting as “a selfish manifestation” and worthy of a fine since it hadn’t received an official permit. On his part, the mayor of Valparaiso applauded the artist and stated he was looking forward to more paintings by this artist. Mon Laferte took the opportunity to talk about the really important issues that the country is facing and that authorities should be focusing on, highlighting police brutality.

Her other mural is titled “Por favor,” and the artist explained that the idea was to support a national organization for the preservation of oceans, Océana Chile, the painting works as a call to action to limit single-use plastics.

The Latin Grammy Award winner has worked in painting since she was 10 years old and has developed her unique self-taught style. She previously exhibited her work in Mexico City where she opened an art gallery, and now in Valparaíso, with her open-air mural collection.