Luis Martins, also known as L7M, is a Brazilian artist producing work that goes beyond the norm of what we usually see in urban art. By mixing the organic with fractals and flowing, vivid colors, he has managed to come up with his own trademark style.

This young Brazilian artist started drawing at the age of 10 and had his first contact with a spray can when he was only 13, since then he has been experimenting and testing new combinations with materials such as pastel, acrylic, and Indian ink.

Birds being his major subject, he uses his stylized technique to recreate ducks, sparrows, owls, and other avian-themed murals on the streets of Sao Paulo and other major cities around the world. He represents his birds materializing out of chaotic swirls of dripping paint with sprayed on stencil fractals. His varied use of vivid colors contrasting colors creates a clash of both the abstract and figurative, highlighting the difference between the concrete of the city and the organic softness of natural elements he depicts. Luis Martins has stated that he finds these creatures fascinating because to him they represent a kind of freedom; the same kind of freedom that has allowed him to paint and travel the world, spreading his art anywhere he goes.

Without a doubt, L7M has become one of the most relevant figures of street art in Brazil and the world; he has continued to amaze us with his art throughout the years. You can follow L7M on his Instagram at  and on Facebook