Ever or Eversiempre (Nicolás Romero) is an Argentinian urban artist who started his career in the early 90s painting tags on the streets of Buenos Aires and stenciling cryptic messages for passers by to discover.

Since then, his pieces have grown in size and sophistication and now he uses the streets as a canvas, with paintings in every corner of Buenos Aires as well as in cities around the world. While at first glance his style seems similar to traditional styles of Latin American urban art, with a vibrant color palette and characters that reflect the local population; his use of spray paint and latex paint along with his surreal and oftentimes dreamlike imagery allows him to express unique forms of political, religious, and social commentary.

When he first moved away from graffiti he started working on faces, many of which were political figures. By experimenting with different styles and playing with techniques for symbolic representation he finally hit upon his trademark style; emanating jets of life represented with vibrant colors. One of his most characteristic features is the omission of his subjects eyes; in their place streams of color emerge, mixing with the different elements of his work and often connecting with the eyes of another subject in the painting.

Through his art, Ever realized he could express much more through his unique painting style than he could through words or through his early stencil pieces. And when set among pieces left by other urban artists in the past, and among features of the urban landscape, his street art interventions intermingle so as to amplify his message.

You can check out more of his artwork via his Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/eversiempre/