From November 21 to 30, the Colombian municipality of Chinácota in Norte de Santander will host “Sembradores de Paz” (in English, “Sowers of Peace”), an international event that will receive artistic and cultural representatives from South American countries, and other regions of Colombia. The meeting is part of the project Encuentro Internacional de Muralismo y el Arte Público that is holding its fifth annual edition.

The objective of the event is to promote integration between peoples, as well as to involve the community in activities that help evolve the territory in a fun and aesthetic manner. At the same time, they seek to leave a strong message of peace, by linking the theme of the event with the commemoration of the signing of the Peace Agreement in the locality in 1902, after several strong political and social conflicts that took part in The War of The Thousand Days; since then, the municipality of Chinácota, has been characterized as the “national capital of peace.”

Based on these historical events and as a sign of tribute, artists and cultural managers of the region began, in 2015, the “Encuentro Internacional de Muralismo y el Arte Público”, a peace project that seeks integration of people, and the transformation of spaces into protective and cohesive environments.

The event has already started and will consist of 30 artistic interventions, between murals, musical presentations, and workshops which progress will be updated through the Instagram profile: