With the motto “2020 tem CURA” (translated as “2020 has a CURE”), one of the biggest public art festivals in the Brazilian “CURA” (Circuito Urbano de Arte) adds to the city of Belo Horizonte 4 gigantic new murals loaded with representative flavor to further color the city. In this year’s fifth edition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, debates and workshops took place online, and even amid the pandemic, the five producers of the festival managed to successfully mobilize several in-person activities.

Another novelty of this edition of Cura was the use of an online poll to choose one artist residing in Brazil for the opportunity to paint the facade of one of the buildings in his/her locality.

The artists who made up the painting team in the gables of the Belo Horizonte buildings were Lídia Viber, Robinho Santana, Daiara Tiukano, and the one chosen from the online poll, Diego Mouro whose works addressed themes such as black and indigenous culture and heritage.

The Cura festival ran until October 4th, and in addition to producing new public artworks to be admired in the streets of the city, the circuit maintained and updated its own YouTube channel.