The famous Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra started a new project, the restoration of his main works. Together with his team a number of pieces will be touched up and repainted starting with Lenda do Brasil, made in honor of F1 driver Ayrton Senna. The mural, showing the driver with a helmet and a triumphant look, is one of Kobra’s favorite due to the fact he considers Senna as one of his biggest idols. The restoration started in the last week of November 2020, with the next work on the list being his vibrant Oscar Niemeyer mural, in the Paulista Avenue of São Paulo.

Kobra has stated that, although he isn’t a big fan of sports, Senna in particular is one of his greatest idols and he finds inspiration in his example of determination and perseverance; an inspiration that he has paid homage to by painted 12 murals of the three-time F1 world champion; the most recent being painted in march of this year in the Interlagos race track of São Paulo.

For the initial phase of the project, Kobra looked to Audi Brasil, a company that has a historical connection with the world champion, and they welcomed the idea of making this first stage of the project feasible, aiming to start a movement that plans to change how street art is perceived by current and future generations.

This appears to be one of Kobra’s first movements for the restoration, and preservation of murals, that have become a true heritage of the cities they belong to and, according to the artist, deserve the same care as buildings, public monuments, and any work of art.