Georgina Ciotti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and from a very young age was always involved in art and especially linked to drawing, painting, and workshops. Like all of the other artists included here, this natural lead her to eventually become involved in the South American street art scene.

Her works have been described as very powerful and the strength they project can be at least partly attributed to her training as a designer and illustrator. Her expression as an artist coupled with this technical expertise allows her to create truly remarkable urban murals with otherworldly characters. An interesting side-note, If you have seen the movies Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy 1 and 2 you will have already been exposed to her work as she was part of the special effects team that produced these award winning films!

After dedicating herself entirely to painting, she began specializing in murals and urban interventions, of which she was a large part of in Barcelona. Her works tend to have a strong visual impact, made up by complex beings and shapes that represent beasts of her creation or female characters with decorative elements, resulting in surreal compositions that transport us to another world.

At the end of 2009, she returned to Argentina, where she continues to paint and make murals. Currently, she works as a plastic artist, illustrator, and designer specializing in murals and public and private urban interventions. To see more of her work check for updates updates on her Instagram account here: