Between September 14th and 23rd, the UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) will conduct its 52nd Winter Festival. One of the most important and traditional cultural events in Brazil that, this year in 2020, plans to reinvent itself to be held online, with activities open to the public. The Festival will have lectures, conversation circles, and artistic presentations broadcasted live on YouTube, in addition to virtual exhibitions and the launch of digital publications by Brazilian thinkers.

Under the theme “Possible worlds: Cultures in Thought,” the Festival proposes a discussion on the role and meaning of culture in a context of crisis and social confinement. Thus, UFMG invites thinkers, philosophers, activists, and indigenous leaders to the debate, for the Seminar “Culturas em Pensamento.”

The festival’s menu of cultural attractions offers music, dance, and performances to the public. The event will follow five online exhibitions associated with the Winter Festival program, in addition to an exhibition that will project images and videos on buildings in the city, which will lead to an opening exhibition by urban artist Criola.

Criola is a representative of Brazilian urban art with works in Europe and South America. While immersed in social and political agendas, her large-format murals touch on ancestry and question the values ​​of contemporary society, addressing spirituality and a futuristic hybrid universe without illusory distinctions between human beings and nature.

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