Considered one of the most influential graffiti artists in Brazil, the multimedia artist Rui Amaral is part of the pantheon of the first generation of modern urban art in São Paulo, which emerged in the late 1970s. A multi-faceted and versatile creator, he explored various platforms such as animation, toy design, and video production. His works usually refer to the universe of children’s imagination and urban modernity. Around 2008, he created his own mascot “Bicudo,” a smiling figure that, according to the author, “represents the joy that the cities tend to lack.”

Rui took part in the development of the famous “Batman’s Alley” (Beco de Batman), named in the 1980s after a group of art students painted a cartoon of the comic book hero on the wall. While Batman’s Alley served as his initial space for creation and experimentation, after that, his main works can be appreciated in the tunnel on Paulista Avenue.

Rui has a Plastic Arts degree, but he also has carried out projects of graphic design, animation, and production of multimedia. He also works on the creation of websites and advertising, while being responsible for regular graffiti and urban intervention workshops.

You can follow Rui Amaral on his Instagram account to see what he’s up to