This year the fourth edition of “Puertas Abiertas” (Open Doors) will be held online. This is an event in which artists from the Yungay neighborhood of Santiago de Chile integrate the community into their creative processes by showing participants how murals, sculptures, and serigraphs are made. Puertas Abiertas has more than 40 visual artists in its ranks who hope to help satisfy people’s curiosity, deepen their knowledge, and help promote access to arts and culture. The event lasts for one week and is completely free of charge to the public.

In past years the event actually took place live, with a number of organized events and gatherings. This year however, given the healthcare context, the meeting has been adapted to an online version in which visual artists share their presentations with the public from their workshops via live streaming. The event begins at 4 PM on Monday, August 31st and ends on Saturday, September 5th.

You can also check the programming on, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook at “Artistas Yungay,” to be part of the experience.