Early in 2019 I made my way to Sao Paulo and started going around the city looking for new street art to photograph. Within days it became clear to me that this guy named Kobra was a very serious street artist (I never really researched before arriving in a new place because I always liked to be surprised by what I found). His massive kaleidoscopic murals could be found everywhere and it was unbelievable to me how one person could create so many paintings on such a grand scale. Later when I went to Rio I saw the murals he had done for the 2016 Olympics titled “Ethnic Groups” (the largest in the world at the time) and learned that these days Kobra has an entire crew to support the giant creations he continues to imagine and spray-paint into existence. Today you can find his work not only in Brazil but on buildings in major cities across the globe and even people who are not so much into street art often recognize his name.