Colombian Street artist Cris Herrera, better known as “Kiki,” has been living in Argentina since 2015 actively producing a number of large intricate murals. Focussing heavily on the communities where he is painting and always conscious of the local values and sensibilities, he tries to leave behind pieces that will be meaningful to the people living there. To help him achieve this level of versatility, he is always experimenting with new styles and techniques gleaned from fellow street artists.

He got his start drawing simple images on sidewalks with chalk. The ephemeral nature of these pieces opened his eyes to the magic of street art and today, even though he is creating much more grand compositions, he still says he doesn’t mind if his works end up destroyed by nature or vandalism, as long as long as he manages to communicate something through his art. His favorite technique these days is to mix spray paint and acrylic paint, always experimenting to achieve better results.

Kiki is among a number of other South American street artists (as well as some American and European artists) who have chosen to, through their work, pay tribute to the great ancient civilizations of the region such as the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs.

You can check out Kiki’s most recent murals on his Instagram: