Work on the largest mural in the Bío Bío region of Chile has been completed in the city of Lota, with the title “Lota, Heartbeats for a New Generation.” A work that seeks to recognize, among other things, the importance of local women and portray the historical context of the commune.

The initiative also had the support of the ProCultura Foundation and the local municipality. The mural depicts those trades carried out by women from Lota such as laundresses, potters, and bakers, that are part of the so-called “intangible heritage of Lota.”

The mural is now the biggest in the Bío Bío region and measures 9.50 meters high and 48 meters long, containing the most representative figures of Lota’s daily life. The work was led by the artist Luis Núñez, who stressed that it was possible to meet the established deadlines despite sanitary restrictions and it is expected that in the next few days the inauguration will take place.

It is important to consider that Lota is being considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since it contains great historical monuments such as the Isidora Cousiño Park, the Chiflón del Diablo Mine, and the Lota Historical Museum. For this reason artist chose this city for this prestigious event and, through their efforts, hope to continue adding to the artistic tradition that has endured for centuries.