Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil, and with art galleries still closed, São Paulo proves once again why it is the world’s epicenter of urban art.

Planned as part of the “NaLata” Festival–and thought by many to have been postponed due to the pandemic–the project to paint 12 new murals in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo is still going forward. With many of the new pieces taking shape, they look to be completed in due course despite Brazil being hard hit by the virus.

One of the participants, Mexican painter Paola Delfín, recently finished a mural she started working on over one month ago. The piece is of the face of a woman rendered in different shades of gray. Meanwhile, renowned artist Enivo is working on the largest piece of all, a technicolor figure carrying a cat in his arms and wearing an indigenous headdress with feathers that are actually spray paint cans. This mysterious figure is depicted wearing a long skirt with the Brazilian flag whose motto “Ordem e Progresso” (Order and Progress) has been replaced with the words”Tempo Novo” (New Times).

Apart from Paola Delfín and Enivo, many other popular street artists have joined in the festival including Marcelo Eco, Alex Senna, Pri Barbosa, Evol, Mari Mats, Mateus Bailon, Rafael Sliks, Colombian artist Gleo, and five graffiti artists recently selected in the “Novos Talentos Murais SP” (New Muralist Talent Contest).

When completed the project will represent the largest graffiti complex in the country, with 3,689 square meters painted in total.