I first met Victoria while wandering around Palermo district in Buenos Aires back in 2018. At that time she was already painting large murals, the most well-known of which was a picture of Frida Kahlo she had done on the second floor of her house. Very active in the community, apart from painting she also spends a lot of her time coordinating with other artists and–as can be seen in this picture I took of her in 2018–she is really devoted to teaching and inspiring the next generation. When I made my second stop back to Buenos Aires in late 2019 I was surprised to see that she had completed a giant mural in a neighborhood park that really blew me away. We wish the best for her and hope to meet up again in the future sometime. If you want to know what she is up to and see more of her work you can follow her on Instagram at: @PintaArgentinaok and on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/pinta.argentina