Born in 1982, MIN8 is a self-taught pioneer of graffiti art in Uruguay and in recent years has become well known across Latin America. She began in graffiti at the age of 15 and, without having formal studies in art, acquired her technique through many years of practice and dedication. Alongside her work as a street artist, she currently serves as a teacher of Fine Arts, for the Universidad del Trabajo de Uruguay, and at Fundación Iturria teaching Graffiti workshops.

Influenced by hip hop and rap culture, Verónica (her real name), started producing graffiti in 1998 which led her to start experimenting with tags and lettering. After five or six years she was already painting as an established street artist and since 2007 she has represented her country in a number of national and international events. Reoccurring themes in her work are the role of women in society and the importance of nature. She has a dynamic style that combines realistic figures with color and the geometric universe.

MIN8 has recently become involved in a project named “Luces,” a social artistic conglomerate that performs various urban interventions in order to support inclusion processes for people in the most vulnerable places such as prisons, disadvantaged neighborhoods, psychiatric hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers among other places excluded by society.

MIN8 is very active as a painter and continues to adorn the streets of the world with her art pieces. You can see what she’s up to on her Instagram account heret: