A joint effort between the Government of the San Luis province and the Municipality of Villa Mercedes hosted artists from across Argentina for 4 days. After a difficult deliberation, entries by 30 artists were selected from among almost 90 with themes that included depictions of fauna,  environmental awareness, and 3D painting.

The staff of the Design and Art Program “Pinta San Luis”, said that it was not an easy task because the level of the artists who presented was very high and it was difficult to make the decision to weed out proposals. Finally, they decided to opt for as many different artistic styles as possible after studying the portfolios of each artist and considering their experience. It’s worth noting that the beautification project of Pinta San Luis not only has an aesthetic purpose but also that of protecting buildings from humidity and other environmental factors, so this was also taken into account when choosing the type of painting that would be used.

San Luis, at the heart of Argentina, was be able to receive muralists and graffiti artists from all corners of the country, creating the perfect opportunity to enrich the lives of local inhabitants through exposure to art and the fresh colors artists brought to the city.