In an eight part series, the work of more than 50 South American artists dedicated to urban art and muralism will be examined to discover their influences and artistic codes. It also takes a look at common themes that form the basis of their expression and how it impacts the relationship between the city and its inhabitants.
Nuevo Mundo (translated as “New World”) was produced by the Chilean audiovisual company Tercermundo and is directed by Juan Tamayo. In addition, Paulina Ferretti and Guillermo Migrik worked as producers on the first-of-its-kind series.
Filming took two years and spans from the US-Mexico border to Argentina; providing us with many different views of the world, reasons for expression, and styles of street art across Latin America. All of this falls under one unique premise, that regardless of the part of Latin America where a mural or piece of street art was made, it still has certain characteristics unique to the region.

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Street art is constantly changing and evolving. Many paintings we photographed just a few years ago no longer exist and many new paintings have taken their place. Help support our activities to create an archival record of South American street art. If you like what you see and would like to help further our many projects consider getting in touch or leaving a donation. Thanks for your support!

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