Steep is an academic artist born in Ecuador who feels the need to look for alternative spaces where his creations can be realized. That’s how he found, in the walls of various cities, spaces where he could express his unique vision he calls “Explosive Realism” thus creating environments full of mythical beings and fantastic characters.

The presence of planetary flora and fauna is essential in his compositions, as well as ancestral magic, a lot of realism in contrast with explosions of color, elements that work in conjunction to establish a connection with the passerby.

For 10 years now he has managed to create fantastical characters and portray them in natural settings drawing on his Latin American heritage. Not only do his paintings enhance the urban landscape, thanks to his “explosions of creativity” concept, he manages to capture the vitality and serenity he sees around him.

Using a unique technique of blasting or dripping paint that he has been perfecting since the beginning of his work,  he strengthens lines in his creations, imprinting his personal touch onto the figurative representations of animals, indigenous people, water, jungles, myths, and ancestral knowledge. Likewise, he integrates materials such as acrylic, spray paint, rollers, brushes, and stencils to achieve his characteristic style.

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