In order to draw public attention and to help the public reassess their relation to water resources, 115 artists from different parts of Perú applied to the SensibilizARTE urban art contest under the theme “We are water, we are art,” directed by the Aquafondo Organization.

The event lasted 4 weeks; and, in the first stage, young people from Lima and surrounding areas presented  sketches of their work with the message of preservation of  resources. From these applicants, 15 finalists were in charged with painting the facade of the Manuel Bonilla sports complex during the final weekend. In a ceremony and after a difficult deliberation, the jury selected 3 winners, which received prizes in cash, trophies, and home appliances.

The activity served as a means to highlight the value of our vital natural resources and to bring to the fore issues affecting both public and private institutions through the medium of street art. The final results proved to many how gratifying it can be to utilize both art and knowledge to help protect the resources of our the planet.