Sebastián Antonio Carreño Gaibisso, also known as UNONUEVE, is a self-taught visual artist, a native of the San Antonio commune of Chile. Closely acquainted with painting since childhood, using basic materials he had at hand, self-taught exploration allowed him to create characters from his imagination. Sebastián developed his style of art through the manipulations of color saturation, shapes, and textures that he uses in his subjects, which he generates from inspirations of the Andean culture. The art of UNONUEVE can be found around the world in different formats; from paper to large murals distributed in countries such as Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.

Although he was able to discover his motivation and interest in art and painting when he was young, it was not until he began his studies as a graphic designer that he began to create his own line of work, based on transmitting emotions through color, shapes, and textures.

Sebastián is heavily influenced by the crafts of Peru, Chile, and Mexico; styles typical of Latin American culture, very daring in their use of color with frequent mixing of cold and warm shades. Through his works, Sebastián seeks to convey a message of spiritual elevation; coming in contact with that which is beyond the tangible, exploring the expression of feelings and the connection with the universe that his ancestors spoke of.

He is always in constant search of new techniques and materials to use in his pieces, which has led him to travel to different parts of the world, participating in international festivals of public art and exhibitions. Sebastián’s style is constantly evolving and this progression can be seen in the works he posts on his Instagram account: