The Augusto Egas Health Center has become a new space for cultural expression in the Ecuadorian city of Santo Domingo. Children and adults gathered to participate in the event that was organized to show support for the arts and especially for mural painting, with the intention of further  developing the skills of both new and veteran street artists.

Through a project called “A Contagiarnos de Cultura” (translated as “Let’s Get Infected with Culture” a clear reference to the on-going pandemic), several artists created new murals, giving them the opportunity to show off their artistic styles.

Mayra Cadena, a cultural organizer known in the art world as Azuliz, was responsible for managing the event. She was quoted as saying that the objective is to make the urban artists of Santo Domingo visible and to show the community that they are still active, despite the difficult situation. The production of new murals was accompanied by diverse artistic activities such as dance, theater, live music, and more, with health institutions providing a location, support, and a safe environment for the event to take place. In addition, the artists put out a call to the town leaders, both public and private, to invest in culture and to help create more spaces for these expressions.

Participants include Arte Mural Caps, Impacto Color, Domino Paint, Cesarayalat, Arte&Rock, and Texon. A very talented artist, Elena Lara, was also there to delight the crowd with her violin.