Starting Monday, February 22nd, the visual artist, filmmaker, and publicist Stanley Gonczanski will present his exhibition “Santiago Ciudad Galería,” an urban intervention of digital collage works on advertising posters distributed throughout different neighborhoods of Santiago de Chile. The exhibition plans to deliver a contribution of beauty and charm to the streets, after experiencing great success in Buenos Aires last year.

In an unprecedented alliance with the company Global, which manages various advertising spaces throughout Santiago de Chile. Stanley Gonczanski’s works will be part of an initiative that transforms those screens that are already part of the urban landscape into something more friendly.

Santiago Ciudad Galería was created to provide spaces of creativity and art to the common citizen through Stanley’s Almost Classic Collection, works that propose a reinvention with wit and satire. In his collection, Stanley takes iconic works from the Renaissance up to the 19th century and gives them a modern twist in order to reflect on what is happening to us as a society right now.

As mentioned above, the urban intervention already took place last year in Stanley’s hometown, Buenos Aires, where they included posters at 14 stations, this time however, the range has increased for a total of 66 stations in 12 communes.

Stanley Gonczanski’s international career has included exhibitions in London, Florence, Santiago de Chile, Miami, Dubai, and Taipei, and now in Santiago de Chile where his urban art gallery will offer subtle humor and powerful irony.