San Cristóbal Hill, an emblematic attraction of Lima, will become a gigantic artistic mural of more than 300 thousand square meters thanks to the talent of local artists. This creation can be seen from different points of the capital and is an initiative supported by the Municipality of Lima and the artistic collectives Color Energía and Aporta.

The mural, as part of the commemoration of the Bicentennial, is currently underway with over 50 percent of the houses painted. Undertaken by a group of Peruvian muralists who are embellishing the facades of the houses in the vicinity, when completed the project is thought to be one of the largest murals in the world.

The mural project represents immense Chakanas that symbolize the connection of San Cristóbal Hill with the community focussed on collective growth and prosperity. It also is meant to draw attention to the cultural heritage and identity of the residents of the area and its purpose is to highlight the union through color.

In general, the project aims to help transform public perception based on the promotion of a sense of pride and belonging through the stories that the murals tell.