Roberto Mamani Mamani, of Quechua birth and Aymara blood, was born on December 6, 1962. From a very early age, his need for creative expression led him on a path to becoming an artist. Since 1983 Mamani Mamani has held over 52 exhibitions, including 44 solo events that have garnered him numerous awards and distinctions through the years. The inspiration for his art is tied to his culture: the rituals, dances, food, spiritual visions, and the feelings of his community, always respecting mother earth Pachamama.

His first paintings arose from childhood games with stones and clay, painting with the ashes from the fireplace; subjects drawn from daily life and the agricultural tasks of his parents.

Without formal training, he managed to depict his world with originality and authentically. His artwork is an introspective and scrutinizing vision of the vast and rich Andean world. Color and shape are the nexus between the artist and his world, between his origin and his authentically Aymara worldview. He has dedicated his life to expressing through painting the Aymara vision of the Andean Universe. Roberto has developed his art based on the culture and spirit of his people; a vibrant and vital land, full of colors, character, textures, and emotions, like the Bolivian land he inhabits.

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