In September, Rio de Janeiro will host the Rua Walls event, an open and accessible public art project with the participation of 18 urban artists. Together, they will transform 1.5 km of city walls along Rodrigues Alves Avenue into works of art. Starting from August 22, each participating artist has one month to complete their mural, with the exhibition scheduled to start on September 27. The urbanism project was created by the production company Visionartz, which, for more than 10 years, has been developing urban revitalization projects in the region using art as a social development tool.

More than an art exhibition, the initiative serves as a tool to revitalize the region and stimulate the local economy; more important this year than ever considering the impact the coronavirus has had on the economy. The paintings will leave a lasting mark on the community, to be enjoyed by locals and visiting tourists alike.

The project provides locals with the opportunity to learn about works by some of the most talented visual artists of the urban art scene. In recent months people have been avoiding the outdoors but the project will eventually serve to help people relax in the urban environment once things return to normal.

Among names confirmed for participation in the event are: Agrade Camís, Amorinha, Bruno Lyfe, Célio, Chica Capeto, Diego Zelota, Doloroes Esos, Flora Yumi, Igor SRC, Leandro Assis, Luna Bastos, Mariê Balbinot, Marlon Muk, Miguel Afa, Paula Cruz, Thiago Haule, Vinicius Mesquita and Ziza.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and Brazil being especially hard-hit, health precautions have been increased, and production teams will be following recommendations set out by the Ministry of Health. The majority of paintings will be done during the night, while the avenue remains closed to traffic.