Pum Pum is an urban artist and graphic designer from Argentina, who, although she tries to keep her face and name out of the media, has become one of the most recognized artists in the field of urban art in Buenos Aires. While in the early 2000s many of her contemporaries opted for aerosol as the main material in their works, Pum Pum chose to prioritize latex paint and brushes in figurine-inspired murals.

At some point in her childhood she started drawing and never stopped. A product, perhaps of always being surrounded by art because she had a sculptor as a father and a psychologist for a mother. Eventually, she started making small images by hand and sticking them to city walls and, through this first step, came to fall in with a group of other artists; for next to her simple early works, other artists would add theirs too, collectively adding presence to random spots in the city.

Pum Pum is known for her iconic two-dimensional child-like characters; a result of an eclectic influences that ranges from Hello Kitty to American punk rock bands. She illustrates her characters with strong colors and fine lines, resulting in vibrant compositions.

Pum Pum has an Instagram account where she continues to add her most recent creations. Check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/holapumpum/