Primo Murales is the name of the street art duo formed by Nicolás Germani, an industrial designer and visual artist, and Sasha Reisin, a graduate in electronic arts. In 2012 they began creating urban interventions on walls and making a name for themselves in the street art scene of Buenos Aires and the interior of Argentina.

As the name suggests, they are actual cousins (“primo” means cousin in English) that grew up together, and with strong support and encouragement from their families, followed their artistic leanings that would eventually lead them to painting large murals in the neighborhood. They started simply, by painting the patio of one of their houses, from there it expanded to other neighboring patios and terraces until finally it reached all the way out to one of the walls facing the street, which is now their preferred location to paint.

The group considers itself part of a generation of muralists from the visual arts who place an emphasis on figurative representation. Taking advantage of portraiture and nature, their work is based on the contrast between local and globalized culture, alongside individualized expressions of native communities; many times pointing out some juxtaposition. They have stated that the resignification of the way we build our routines and daily lives is one of the main themes present in their works.

You can follow Primo Murales via their Facebook account