New 20-meters-high Nelson Mandela Mural Stands Out in the Capital of Uruguay

The face of the great South African champion against Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, stands out today in a large mural that the Uruguayan artist José Gallino painted in a central corner of Montevideo to pay tribute to that world personality.

After a recent trip to Europe, it didn’t take Gallino long to get back to work in his home country on his largest composition to date. Standing 20 meters in height, he was able to complete it in 5 days with minimal rest and using photographs as a guide to generate textures, tones, and volume in his aerosol work towards his usual proximity to reality.

A self-taught artist from the region of Salto, Gallino began his career in the world of graffiti in 2013, and became fascinated by the activity and opportunities offered by street art. Since then, he has been exponentially developing his technique, achieving a large-scale portrait style that positions him as one of the best graffiti artists in the country and in the world.

A number of Gallino’s creations can be found in the city of Montevideo, for which he has gained a great deal of praise and recognition. Many of his works are a reflection of the national culture and everyday people, not only detailing historical events but also acting as a record of the present. Recently however, Gallino chose to incorporate figures of international relevance who have left important marks on the international stage, with Nelson Mandela being chosen on this occasion. Additionally, another mural by Gallino is on the way just next to Mandela’s, this one, for Malala Yousafzai.