Dúo Amazonas is a collective of street artists organized by Nati Andreoli and Lina Castellanos; the former born in Argentina and the latter in Colombia. Both of them have professional degrees and backgrounds in Scenography (the art of set and stage design) and have been quite active in the last few years.

One of the most common themes in their pieces is the presence of women with an emphasis of their social positions. They have participated in recent pro-feminism art events like the Delas Fest (in Galicia, España) where they contributed the piece “Xa Pasaron as Leiteiras” (The Milkmaids Have Already Passed) , an homage to working-class women.

Dúo Amazonas originality continues to amaze us with their recent take on the quarantine situation as depicted in their work “Cuarentena.” This piece displays an image that reflects one of the most important communication channels during these times, the video call. With the recent need for social distancing, this has become a vital communication tool to maintain emotional ties between friends, family, and professionals. The work is composed of two images from a video call, portraying the two artists communicating in this way.

You can follow Dúo Amazonas works on https://www.instagram.com/duoamazonas/ or via the member’s accounts @chunchullo and @nati.andreoli.