Nathalia Gallego, commonly known as “Gleo,” has become one of the most prominent figures of the modern South American street art scene. Her murals can be found not only in Colombia (where she is originally from) but in a number of other countries in South America; and, more recently, in place like Montreal where she completed a large mural called “Metamorphosis” as part of a street art festival in 2019.

Starting at the age of 17, with what she has described as an impulse for painting figures of sea creatures on small murals of her own neighborhood, she has quickly escalated while developing a recognizable style of her own. Her compositions often feature pre-Columbian figures, like dark haired men and women with their faces painted with lines or strange patterns and hair decorated with floral ornaments, in combination with her distinctive mark, one or more prominent bright yellow orbs that look like eyes that she describes as a representation of the constant transformation of energy, a symbol of natural cycles and of the infinite.

Though she is most known for this trademark style, she is not limited to pre-Columbian figures, also showing modernly dressed people and even her own take on ancient greek paintings, but, of course, almost always using her distinctive bright colors and yellow eyes.

We are always looking forward to new pieces by this artist and we recommend checking out her Instagram to see her most recent works: