The Argentinian Milu Correch is a specialist in large-scale murals, charged with nostalgia and within a very emotionally intimate atmosphere, creating pieces that evoke the feeling you get from looking at old family photographic portraits. Being the daughter of an amateur painter and a literature teacher, she has traveled Europe performing urban interventions in different cities and different spaces, but she also continues to create murals in her native city of Buenos Aires.

Although Milu is a staunch advocate for urban art in Buenos Aires, she tries to downplay the commercialism and sensationalism that street art and muralism has been generating lately. She says that the way people encounter murals has changed, consumption through social networks has takes away some of the intimacy of seeing pieces in their environment.

When asked what her works are about, she replies that it’s “ambiguous” or “whatever you want,” leaving the viewer free to interpret. Despite this, its undeniable that the role of women in society plays a very important factor in Milu’s work.  Women are the protagonist in most of her creations, however, her pieces constantly pay tribute to the human figure in general. Her pieces tend to feature different shapes of masks,  locations that remind us of places we visit daily, and, in a lot of cases, are accompanied by elements from nature including animals and sometimes plants.

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