One of the most recognized muralists in all of South America, Martin Ron has continued to produce massive and intricate compositions at an astounding rate. A native of Buenos Aires, many of his early paintings remain today on the streets of Tres de Febrero and many newer works can be found around the city center. His style could be described as often photorealistic with elements of surrealism, hyper-realism, and a kind of idealized nostalgia. We here at SASAfund are a big fan of his work and hope to bring you more details in the future!

An Argentine muralist dedicated to art since childhood, he studied Management in Art and Culture at the University Tres de Febrero and later worked as a teacher there. Preferring large-scale compositions, he defies heights and perfects his realistic style with playful fantasy themes that charm the unsuspecting passerby who is lucky enough to run across some of his gigantic pieces of art.

A native of the Province of Buenos Aires, the walls of the Tres de Febrero location were the perfect canvas to make some of his masterpieces, and, because borders were never a problem for him, his art spread from various neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires to other provinces of Argentina, and countries such as England, Spain, Estonia, USA, and Malaysia, just to name a few.

It all started when, as a teenager, he painted the walls of his room and later those of his friends. The next invitation came from his school, and a few years later he was already working as a public agent; an artistic director of the Urban Beautification Program in the Tres de Febrero for five years.

The works of Martín Ron stand out for their saturated color palette, their hyper-realistic images but with outlandish themes, and, of course, their large size. We can characterize Ron as a surrealist artist and it seems like street art has allowed him to experiment with new things, giving rise to changes in technique, lines, and themes while being on the search for new colors, textures, dimensions, and sizes in his works. Martín tends to paint elements of real life brushed with decidedly surreal nuances; and, because he draws on things and events that cross his plane of existence, his pieces maintain a high degree of relevance and relatability to everyone.

The themes of his works are as varied as his painting style, but he tends to include great characters from popular Argentine life ( Isabel “La Coca” Sarli, Carlos Tévez, etc) and an emphasis on nature and the incidence of human beings in its degradation and possible salvation.

Generally listed as one of the ten best muralists in the world, Martín Ron has built his own name full of colors and life but it does not stop him from continuing to break borders. You can check out his amazing art on his Instagram account at @ronmuralist, where he regularly posts new content.