After finishing a childhood-themed double mural this past month, the muralist Martín Ron made news again thanks to his new piece located in Buenos Aires. The Argentine artist recently inaugurated a truly impressive and beautiful mural in a building on San Martin Avenue of the Bernal province.

His most recent work shows a young woman using a metallic colored balloon as a kind of mirror in which she can see her face. According to the artist when sharing his piece on social media, magic, illusion, reflections, and gaze are some keywords that he had in mind when creating this work, but it is still open to individual interpretations, as can be said of the majority of his works.

Martín Ron is known as one of the ten best muralists in the world, starting at a young age, he participated in numerous interventions in subway stations in neighborhoods around Buenos Aires. With international recognition, he has painted murals in cities such as London, Tallinn, Penang, Bristol, Miami, Tenerife, Bremen, and Glauchau, bringing color and life to the streets. His large-scale works are characterized by the hyper-realistic style, with the use of strong colors, textures, and elements of everyday life. He generally uses a 3D painting technique, giving his work more realism. He is also an avid canvas painter on a smaller scale, but with many of the elements that characterize his style still present.