Leticia Mandragora is an Italian/Spanish urban artist and tattoo artist who began leaving her mark on cities around the world when she was just a kid. Moving to Naples at a young age she quickly searched out alternative communities that would allow her to express herself freely and, around this time, began experimenting with spray paint and the urban canvas. Many years later she has developed a style of her own and has become an influential figure on the modern street art scene.

One of her most recognizable themes is a hyperrealistic drawing of a woman with pale blue skin she describes as being a figure elevated to an ethereal and unreachable plane. Filled with bold colors that stand out against these blue skinned goddesses, her pieces tend to draw attention to difference by continuously changing the ethnicity and age of her subjects. Sometimes she depicts them as old women and sometimes as girls; sometimes with Asian or South American features, and sometimes looking more European.

Though not a South American artist by birth, we include her here because we came across one of her murals in Santiago de Chile in 2018. Unfortunately, the piece only lasted a year or so before being vandalized and later painted over. Luckily we found it before all of this happened so if you would like to see it check out our gallery where we have preserved an image.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, apart from her work as an urban artist Leticia is also a skilled tattoo artist with a distinctive style that you can check out on her social media accounts here —- >  https://www.instagram.com/leticiamandragora  and  https://www.facebook.com/leticiamandragora/