KSR stands for Kocha Se Raya, a group of urban artists from Cochabamba who have been painting the walls of the city for some time now. The crew includes artists Oveja213 and Puriskiri, both of whom have a long history in the Colombian street art scene and who have participated in numerous national and international events and festivals.

The KSR collective fuses elements such as typography, lettering, and realism. In recent years, they have intervened in many spaces in the city in order to, as they put it, “give it a break from political propaganda and advertising that try to tell you what to buy or what to do.”

According to them, graffiti is always going to be about rebellion, because whether it carries a message or not, it appropriates public space, and serves as a counterattack against propaganda, and advertising. For the collective, covering an advertisement with graffiti is reducing the strength of consumerism. Their work also adds elements of flora and fauna native to their country, reminding people of the importance of nature and national heritage.

You can check out KSR’s recent work on their Facebook account here: https://www.facebook.com/ksr.cru/