Juegasiempre, also known as DJ LU, is a Bogota architect and urban artist who paints large murals and also works as a university professor. He’s considered one of the most important proponents for urban art in Colombia, and along with Lesivo and Toxicómano is part of the Bogotá Street Art Collective.

Although well-known among his peers, he prefers to do what he can to keep his identity out of the media and goes mainly by the name Juegasiempre (always playing)—reflecting his approach to life and to his art. In interviews, he wears a distinctive gas mask to hide his identity and many people mistakenly think this is to protect himself for legal or security reasons, however, he states that it is to avoid diverting the viewer’s attention from his artwork. Also, he says he does this to take advantage of the common stereotype that the stranger, weirder or more disturbed the artist is, the better an artist’s work will be.

His earliest pieces used a very distinctive style of pictogram art which later evolved into large portraits of people from the streets of the places where he is painting. Very eye-catching, he uses this approach in order to draw attention to pressing social issues of the day. Through the use of creative irony, denunciation of oppression, as well as the idea of people bearing “wittiness” to social and political problems such as violence and racism, for more than seventeen years now his murals and pictograms have continued to attract people’s attention on the streets of the world.

Juegasiempre shares his thoughts, images of new pieces, and topics he finds interesting via his Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/juegasiempre