Xomatok is the pseudonym of Jesús Camarena, a Peruvian visual artist and art director who spent several years working with a modern aesthetic that transforms urban spaces through the use of color in the most striking way possible, with prisms and bright streams of color gradated over walls and other surfaces.

To date, Xomatok has completed a number of art interventions in public and abandoned spaces, creating both murals and installations, both individually and as collaborations with other artists. His main motivation is to change the appearance of cold and forgotten places in order to give them new life. He is fond of saying his goal is to, “reach beyond the retina,” to wake people up to the possibilities around them.

His murals are inspired by the design and alteration of urban spaces with a clear emphasis on how his color palette completely changes our point of view depending on where we are looking at it from. For him, this manifestation of color and its relationship with everyday human experience is what moves him when it comes to making his work. His murals have a defined aesthetic, drawing the attention of the viewer into the layers of color, making it impossible not to want to get closer to see every detail present in his technique.

Currently, Xomatok is sharing his artistic vision by attempting to transforming each space in which he presents his work. Whether they are large buildings, rocks, the walls of a gallery, stairs leading up through a village, you can find all his new pieces and installations here: https://www.instagram.com/xomatok/