Jade Rivera was born in Junín, Peru in 1983 and is widely recognized for his large-format murals that often feature people and disproportionately large birds and insects depicted with a heavy dose of surreal mysticism. Apart from painting murals, Jade spends much of his time working in the studio exploring more traditional techniques such as oil and watercolor painting and wood carving. If you ever find yourself in Lima it’s worth visiting his studio which now operates as a gallery and museum. https://museojaderivera.com

Rivera grew up in the Chorrillos district of Lima, studied at a public school, and it was there that he first took an interest in art when he was eleven years old. The lack of skilled teachers at his school and his growing interest in art motivated him to devote more of his free time to drawing and painting by himself. Some time around 1997 he started working as a self-taught artist producing gallery pieces.

As he struggled to find his way as an artist, Rivera spent much time searching for for people who shared his passion for painting, for more accomplished artists he could emulate, and for friends he could exchange ideas with who were following a similar path. His search led him to discover the works of the Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. It is these artists who inspired him to carry his message to the streets and to find expression through painting murals.

Jade Rivera pays close attention to what the street tells him before starting work on a mural. He has stated that the whole environment tells him what to paint, including the houses on the sides, the people who live there, the landscape. He then makes the decision to paint when he feels he has a fairly broad vision and is able to integrate all that he has observed from the location.

His murals are usually reflections on life and its constant eventfulness, portrayed with a definite sense of optimism and wonder. Jade says he is interested in expressing a message of faith originating from oneself, as well as the importance of believing in our own dreams.

Jade Rivera regularly posts updates of his work on his Instagram account, which you can check out here: https://www.instagram.com/jade1rivera/