Great news for the art scene of São Paulo as, on January 25th (the date on which São Paulo’s anniversary is celebrated), the Ipiranga Museum which is currently under renovation will host the Tapume! Graffiti Festival, from 10 am to 7 pm.

Due to the renovations that have been ongoing since 2013, the museum is surrounded by paneling. As part of the festival, a 220 meter stretch of this paneling will become the canvas for 35 urban artists who were selected by curator Gustavo Cortelazzi. Among the invited graffiti artists are prominent names in urban art such as Binho, Chivitz, Minhau, Vermelho, Salmos, Kueia, Pas, Ronah, Pardal, and Tikka. The participating artists will create artworks under the theme “The visible and the Invisible in History,” and one of the purposes of the event is to help decide what type of artworks the museum should focus on after reopening.

There are a number of other activities planned for the festival, such as a lecture titled “Arte Urbana no Século 21,” given by the owner of Choque Cultural Gallery, Baixo Ribeiro. In addition, two graffiti workshops will take place, one for teenagers and adults and one for children. With free entry, the courses are now open for registration.

Food trucks and live music will accompany the entire event, helping to make sure attendants enjoy the occasion. After completion, the large panels will remain along Nazaré Avenue for all to enjoy.